All About Me

WalkingEyes is the personal site of Kimberly. That’d be me. *waves* I’ve had this domain since gosh, sick ask forever. It was my very first domain registered and it’s still my favorite. :!:

The name WalkingEyes comes from a drawing I did when I was a little girl. It was just eyes with legs and when my mother asked me what it was… I told her, price grip Walking Eyes. It’s a name that only my family will understand but I didn’t have to worry it if was taken. Ha! ;)

This site and blog contain my mindless ramblings. If you’re looking for information on rocket science, this isn’t the place. LOL. I’m a stay at home mom… married to a great guy and we have two boys. The oldest is in third grade and the youngest is in kindergarten.

The favicon was made by me… from scratch! Eeee!

Thanks for stopping by,