Yesterday and Today have been depressing.

Please excuse the mess that this is this site. Real life has completely gotten in the way of online and pixels. I have let a lot of my memberships expire. Not because I do not like the owners or their work but I just do not have the time or the money for this hobby right now.

I really do hope to return to the land of the interwebs one day. :)
I do. I miss blogging. I just do not have a clue what to write here anymore. Twitter is so much easier. I only have to worry about writing 140 characters or less and reading 140 characters or less. LAZY!! ;)

Anyways, ed I changed my layout again… an oldie but a goodie. I also fixed my smilies. I really don’t like the yellow guys. Haha. I missed these cute little bears.

I’m in the middle of helping my aunt out with a website. It’s sparked my interest in WordPress and blogging again. Hopefully, more about the spark stays hot. I need to get this place cleaned up and make it my mission to write here at least once a week.
My dog, viagra buy Max, buy information pills has been having trouble walking. He went to the vet early this month and it was thought he had a pulled muscle in his leg. Well, he’s fallen badly several times since that visit and the walking got worse. Max has started dragging his one back leg instead of limping on it. So, we took him to the vet yesterday and it turns out he may have cancer that is eating his bones away. :( His pelvis pretty much collapsed on the last fall and he’ll never walk on the one leg again. We are so heartbroken. Sure, he’s up there in age… going to be 12 this year. But, cancer? Devastated beyond belief. We’re going to try and make him as comfy as possible, get him a doggie wheelchair and just see how much longer we can keep him happy on this Earth.

Then, waking up today to the news about the earthquake in Japan and tsunami affecting the Pacific. So, so sad. I have a cousin stationed in Japan. Thankfully, he is fine. His in-laws on the other hand, they haven’t heard from. I’m not really a praying girl but I’m hoping they are safe.

But, that’s not to say there hasn’t been some good mixed in. Kelly, my aunt’s significant other, got free tickets to the New York Red Bulls home opener and I get to go with her. I am excited beyond belief. The Red Bull game is on the 19th and then, the very next Saturday after that is USA vs. Argentina. Football Heaven!!!

I’m sorry I missed blogging a few days so far this month but at least, I’m doing better than I was before. ;)

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