Monday wasn’t so bad.

The week after a school break always seems to go by so slowly. I’m so glad it’s Friday. I’m ready for a weekend of doing absolutely nothing. I went into school today to help out in my youngest’s class. I go in every Friday. Today went by so fast. I was busy from the moment I walked in until it was time to grab the kids and get out of their before dismissal.

The hubby is off to my aunt’s tonight. They’re going ghost hunting. He’ll be back sometime tomorrow… probably after dinner. So, more pharm that’s one boy out of my hair. ;)

I’m taking the rest of my boys aka my kiddos to Build-a-Bear tonight so we can all get the 4-Leaf Clover Teddy. Yes, prostate I’m getting one too. The teddy is sooooooo cute and feels sooooooo soft. I cannot wait. I have a coupon too.

After that, Ghost Adventures marathon on TV tonight! The perfect end to a Friday and the perfect kick off to a lazy weekend. Word! :D
Dang, approved I missed posting yesterday. Oh well, pilule I’m here today. :)

It’s been a busy weekend. Saturday’s weather was pretty nice. The morning was a wash but the sun came out later. The kiddos spent the day drawing on the driveway with chalk.

The word for today is rain. It’s crappy out. All I want to do is sleep. But, I went shopping at Kohl’s instead. ;)

Right now, my stomach aches. So, I’m going to chill in bed. I hope this next week goes smoothly.
I dread Mondays like most people. But, valeologist today wasn’t so bad.

Kids had a two hour delay. Young one did well at tae kwon do. Older one did his homework with little complaining.

The day, honestly, flew by.

Now, I’m getting the kiddos to brush their teeth and bed time is here.

Yay! I love sleepy time. LOL. ;)

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